Wild Hope: Conversations for a Planetary Commons
15.08.2023 – 30.09.2023

WILD HOPE: Conversations for a Planetary Commons   

Experience a world where imagination and urgency unite, where art, research and design become agents for change to address the climate crisis. 

Welcome to Wild Hope, an extraordinary exhibition and public program that invites you to embrace a radical shift towards ‘planetary thinking’ – where place-based community living is intimately linked with sustaining our environments.  

We live in an age of disruption, facing interconnected challenges unconstrained by national borders – climate change, biodiversity loss, pandemics and forced migration. In response, we must understand oceans, air, rivers, soil, minerals, forests, glaciers and species biodiversity, among other things, as beyond borders and therefore a collective responsibility. We must learn from Indigenous knowledges and practices and work together to compassionately shape our shared future. 

Design Hub Gallery showcases visionary works by artists, designers, and creative practitioners who are embracing a shift towards this ‘planetary thinking’ in innovative ways.  

Wild Hope: Conversations for Planetary Commons dares us to have wild hope in dark times.

Practitioners include: Marnie Badham and Tammy Wong Hulbert; Vicki Couzens; Dean Cross; D&K (Chantal Kirby, Ricarda Bigolin) with Žiga Testen; Jessie French; Kate Geck; Marc Gibson; Pirjo Haikola, Tom Park; Kirsten Haydon; Openwork, Sarah Lynn Rees with RMIT ICON Science; Alex Le Guillou; Grace Lillian Lee; Machine Listening (Sean Dockray, James Parker & Joel Stern); Clare McCracken, Rebecca Najdowski and Polly Stanton; Georgia Nowak and Eugene Perepletchikov; Caitlyn Parry & Helen Duong; Maj Plemenitas; RMIT Architecture Immersive Futures Lab and Superscale (Patrick Macasaet, Vei Tan, Shuming Ivy Zhou and Zechen Huang); David Rousell and Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles; Greg Semu; These Are The Projects We Do Together (Millie Cattlin and Joseph Norster)

Exhibition Curatorium: Naomi Stead, Fleur Watson, Wendy Steele, Katrina Simon

Exhibition graphic design: Stuart Geddes

Part of the City of Melbourne’s Now or Never festival

RMIT PlaceLab, is partnering with Regen Melbourne to present the satellite exhibition Measuring What Matters: Co-creating a City Portrait for Melbourne. 
We all want to be a part of measurable action for our planet, but where do we start to make a change in our city?
You’re invited to challenge the reality of our global meta-crisis (a web of interconnected challenges, from climate change and biodiversity loss, to rising social inequality and loneliness) and redefine our collective aspirations toward a thriving future for our city. This work-in-progress prototype installation and its accompanying workshop series call for a reimagined Melbourne/Naarm, a city that meets the needs of its inhabitants within our planet’s finite resources. Through the ‘City Portrait’ platform, we explore Melbourne’s social and environmental strengths, and shortcomings. To help us trek a new path and ask; how do we measure progress towards a hopeful future?

In the face of confronting data, the ‘City Portrait’ asks visitors to embrace a ‘wild hope’, rethinking how we work, live, and connect with one another. This collective action invites us to reshape our understanding of Melbourne/Naarm’s commons and to invest in a thriving future for our city and planet.

The exhibition is open at RMIT PlaceLab Melbourne between Monday 21 August – Friday 29 September, Monday – Friday, between 12pm – 4pm.