RMIT Landscape Architecture Semester One 2023 Exhibition
15.06.2023 – 18.06.2023

As landscape architects, we work between fields and disciplines to produce landscapes of different scales, types, performances and affect. In recent years, the spaces between conventional fields of practice have mutated as a result of a total shift in the way we work together in the world. Atomised as a community of learning, we have been caught between ways of teaching, learning and practising as we work across the divide to produce ‘landscape’.

Remote and digital practices now coalesce with those in place and in contact with material. There is a productive tension at this threshold which is constricting and constructive all at once, altering the way we imagine, shape and communicate landscape knowledge.

Landscape discourse has long sought to challenge familiar dichotomies: conventional and unconventional, analogue and digital, before and after, linear and non-linear, public and private; but now we face these challenges in an immediate, universal and embodied way as we try to find a way through. RMIT Landscape Architecture warmly invites students, staff, alumni, friends and family to celebrate a rich body of work at our Semester One Exhibition, showcasing Liminal Practices from the BLAD, MLA, MODDD and HDR.