Haunted by Sirens and Poets
01.03.2024 – 27.04.2024

Haunted by Sirens and Poets
RMIT Culture’s Design Hub Gallery presents Bombay Tilts Down, 2022 and A Photogenic Line, 2019 by renowned Mumbai-based collaborative CAMP.

Surveillance and news media both shape and reveal how we live in the world today.  Bombay Tilts Down, 2022 is a seven-channel video using CCTV from a 35-floor building in South-Central Mumbai while the installation, A Photogenic Line, 2019 uses carefully cropped photographs from the archives of The Hindu newspaper. CAMP interrogates the cycle and power of media sources. Their works turn our gaze to the ever-present cameras that surround us and the tension they produce -- urban and beautiful, these watchful eyes haunt us like sirens and poets.


Mumbai-based collaborative CAMP, founded in 2007, is led by filmmaker and artist Shaina Anand, writer and software developer Sanjay Bhanger, and architect and media artist Ashok Sukumaran. The collective creates acclaimed works across video, film, digital media, and public art forms. 

CAMP, an RMIT Culture production at RMIT’s Design Hub Gallery.  Curated by Helen Rayment