Future Folds: contemporary investigations in origami
12.07.2024 – 11.08.2024

Origami is known as a traditional figurative craft, but over the last 50 years its methods and techniques have been integrated into a range of different disciplines. As software, mathematics and technology come to enable new folding patterns and material applications of this artform, new design futures come into reach. Future Folds: contemporary investigations in origami brings together world-leading researchers and practitioners whose work showcase innovative uses of the medium across the fields of engineering, mathematics, design, fashion and art.  

Future Folds features works by A-POC ABLE ISSEY MIYAKE, Tomoko Fuse, Robert J. Lang, Jun Mitani, Koya Narumi, Tomohiro Tachi and more. 

Curated by Sukanya Deshmukh and Malte Wagenfeld

This project has been produced by RMIT Culture, with special thanks to the SIAL Sound Studios for their support.