Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design
11.05.2015 – 29.05.2015

As an exhibition, round-table discussion and workshop, Experimental Practice: Provocations In and Out of Design investigated how new hybrid practices and collaborations were negotiating complex social and environmental challenges.

The exhibition presented a number of projects in which art and design strived to make a difference within the specific communities in which they were situated. Curated by Katherine Moline (UNSW), Brad Haylock and Laurene Vaughan (RMIT), Experimental Practice was the second iteration of the exhibition and symposium Feral Experimental: New Design Thinking, shown at UNSW Galleries, Paddington, in 2014.

This project was generously supported by UNSW Australia Art & Design, UNSW Galleries, the National Institute for Experimental Arts, RMIT School of Media and Communication, RMIT Design Research Institute and RMIT Design Futures Lab.

Part of the Melbourne International Design Festival.