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Work With Me Here Public Program

Works<30s No. 7, video still courtesy of Nathan Gray.

During Work With Me Here, artist Nathan Gray will be in residence, working and administering an intense program of public, talk-show-style conversations, actions, lectures and performances, as well as a special program of events curated in collaboration with sonic art organisation Liquid Architecture from Saturday 5 September – Saturday 3 October

The Moment of Death » 
3pm, Saturday 5 September
with Lou Hubbard

A series of processes occur at the very end of life - organs shut down, blood ceases to flow - but finally everyone dies of the same thing, lack of oxygen to the brain. The brain itself shuts down in stages one region at a time and then whatever one may believe there is a threshold that is crossed where something living becomes inanimate. Lou Hubbard’s obsession is the most morbid one, an obsession with death. It permeates her work, which is counter-intuitively energising and affirmative. Lou was Nathan’s Masters supervisor for the last two years. Coming together again for a discussion that takes death as it’s starting point, they begin at the end, at the final moment of transformation, the moment when people become objects.

Lou Hubbard makes assemblage sculptures, videos and room-scape installations. In her work objects are tried and tested, subjected to acts of duress and domestic furnishings are collapsed into sculptural collages suggesting compression and intimacy. Her show Dead Still Standing was the first to occupy the entire site at West Space Melbourne. Lou has completed residencies at Cite ́ Internationale des Arts in Paris and Barcelona and the international artists’ residency AIR, Antwerp Belgium. She is Head of Photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. 

Is It My Voice? »
3pm, Thursday 10 September
with Caitlin Franzmann

Annoyance at contemporary speaking habits have recently formed the basis of a reaction against listening to the voices of young women – literally. This phenomenon has formed the impetus for Caitlin Franzmann’s workshops for Liquid Architecture 2015 and in turn formed the basis for this conversation. What happens to communication when the voice itself is deemed to be offensive, regardless of its content? Franzmann and Gray will talk about diction, self-conscious of their own voices, using speech to analyze speech and collapsing the conversation in on itself in a series of recursive loops.

Caitlin Franzmann is interested in the affective potential of architecture, art and technology. She uses light, sound and constructed spaces-within-spaces to encourage slowness, curiosity and social interaction. Her projects are participatory and intimate in nature, inviting touch, sonic interaction, open dialogue and energy exchange. Her work is an invitation to oscillate between interior and exterior space, the concrete and cosmic. Franzmann is a co-director of feminist collective LEVEL ARI, has completed residencies in Istanbul and Yogyakarta and exhibited at the NGV as part of the instrument builders project and the MCA as part of Primavera 2014.

Decolonising Gestures for Shared Futures » 
3pm, Saturday 12 September 
with LeÌuli Eshraghi

The task of decolonising and dehomogenising culture requires deep and long term engagements, by large numbers of people. So what place (if any) might strategies of brevity and precision have in this most important of tasks?

LeÌuli Eshraghi is a Narrm Melbourne-based artist, curator and PhD candidate at MADA. His practice is centred on indigeneity, language, body sovereignty, and queer possibility. Eshraghi holds qualifications in Indigenous Arts Management and Cultural Studies. He is the 2015 Gertrude Contemporary-Next Wave Emerging Curator, editor of the Contemporary Pacific Arts Festival’s Oceania Now publication and was the Tautai Trust’s 2015 Artist in Residence. His writing has been published in Overland, Artlink, #500words, Writing From Below, Open Engagement, and Stella Magazine. 

Enduration » 
3pm, Thursday 17 September
with Frances Barrett

For Liquid Architecture 2015 Frances Barrett will be undertaking a 24-hr work called 'Curator', blinding herself and placing herself completely in the care of the festival’s curators. For Work With Me Here, Gray and Barrett will talk about the possibilities that limiting time present, how duration affects content and what we might become at least for a while, within controlled time-frames.

Frances Barrett is an artist, curator, and broadcaster whose work takes the form of body-based live actions, collaborative projects, and curatorial projects. She is currently Curator of Contemporary Performance at Campbelltown Arts Centre, host of FBI Radio arts show, Canvas, and member of art collaboration, Brown Council (with Kate Blackmore, Kelly Doley and Diana Smith). 

this may be dangerous »
12.30pm, Friday 18 September
with Eleanor Weber

this may be dangerous is a lecture-performance as ephemeral self-publishing device. It is an attempt for the process of writing, editing and re-writing not to be silenced. For language to not be reductive, it must be infused with bodies, experience, retelling and change. It should be misinterpreted. Built around an essay that deals with non-dominant modes of writing and ‘loss’ of authorship via the work of four white female writers, this may be dangerous presents various phases of a text's life. None of them definitive. This may be dangerous includes multiple voices.

Eleanor Ivory Weber is a writer and curator living in Melbourne. She was previously Assistant Curator, Photographs at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, and co-director of 55 Sydenham Road Marrickville NSW 2204 AU, both Sydney. In 2015 they launched EFFE, a feminist platform for art and writing, while on residency in Paris, France. As a writer, she has performed for frieze, If I Can’t Dance, ACCA, Arcadia Missa, Mousse Publishing, Centre Pompidou, Artspace, runway, Paraguay Press, LUX, and her friends.  Eleanor’s first solo show will be at M.I., Berlin, in 2016.

Concert »
2pm Saturday 19 September
with Jasmine Guffond

We Watch Back » 
3pm Saturday 19 September
with Jasmine Guffond

Project Echelon, a system for monitoring satellite communications, was a little more than a conspiracy theory in the sixties until it was finally revealed to be real by recent Edward Snowden leaks. As we imagine the new ways we are spied upon, we are always a step behind the imaginations of the spies. And as the public increasingly falls under the gaze of an authoritarian elite, how is it objectified as the subject of a gaze that seeks out only what it is important to authority?

Jasmine Guffond is a sound artist and electronic musician who relocated from Sydney, Australia to Berlin, Germany in 2004. Her recent projects are interventions that employ digital technologies, sonification and the aesthetisation of data as a means of fostering discussion around contemporary surveillance technologies. She has performed live internationally at music and electronic art festivals, exhibited sound installations and recorded music for CD and 12-inch vinyl releases with the Sigma Editions, Staubgold and Sonic Pieces labels. 

No Intermission (All Day Rave) »
11 – 6 pm, Thursday 24 September
with Helen Grogan

Since 2011, Gray and Grogan have been having long conversations energised by a playful and continual testing and contesting of ideas. Interrupted only by everyday life commitments, these conversations have become an episodic discussion of reoccurring topics and concepts. For Work With Me Here, this conversation is scheduled over the entire gallery day - a very long episode in their ongoing exchange of ideas.

Helen Grogan uses sculptural, photographic, sonic and choreographic means to approach space as material. With a particular focus on framing what is already here and already happening, her works seek an embodied attention to the present and actual. In 2014-15 her work was exhibited at: Australian Centre for Contemporary Art; National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne Now); Liquid Architecture; Gertrude Contemporary; Slopes; VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery; WestSpace; Alaska Projects; 2nd Tbilisi Triennial; Gertrude Glasshouse. Grogan initially studied Philosophy and Contemporary Dance before developing an expanded choreographic practice at SNDO, Amsterdam School for The Arts 2001-2005. Grogan is currently a studio artist at Gertrude Contemporary. 

Liquid Architecture Presents 
smile and nod: affective listening » 
1 – 5pm, Saturday 26 September
including but not limited to Brandon La Belle, Brian Fuata, Danni Zuvela, Jennifer Walshe, Joel Stern, Stefanie Hessler and Richard Dawson.

smile and nod is a free-form conversation in lieu of a talks program with and between the artists, theorists, curators and audience participating in Liquid Architecture 2015. Part dinner party, part talk show smile and nod embraces distraction, cross talk and half, non and pretend listening as strategies for further creation.

Some of the participants include: Brandon La Belle an artist, writer and theorist who’s work explores questions of social life and cultural agency, using sound, performance, text and sited constructions. Brian Fuata, a Sydney based artist who uses text and performance as some of his mediums. Danni Zuvela and Joel Stern artistic directors of Liquid Architecture and Stefanie Hessler who is conducting a study on them as they work. Jennifer Walshe is an Irish composer, vocalist and artist and Richard Dawson a folk musician from Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

Tweaks »
3pm, Thursday 1 October
with Scott Mitchell

Both Nathan Gray and Scott Mitchell share an interest in the small improvements that might be made to our material realm for practical purposes. Moving on from the questionable practicality of ‘life hacks’ what might the tweaks that best serve artistic practice look like?

Scott Mitchell’s research investigates the social nature of objects with specific focus on practices of amateur DIY construction. His research seeks to understand the significant role material processes play in forming communities and in developing shared meaning structures. In collaboration with Bianca Hester and Terri Bird as Open Spatial Workshop their research explores the forces that shape matter and matter’s capacity to open onto incomprehensible registers of dimension and time.

Consultant (Work With Me Here 'House Band') » 
Accompanying each conversation Saturday 5 September – Saturday 3 October

Consultant is the house band of Work With Me Here, composer and performer of the theme tune. Provider of improvised hype and glitz to the occasion and introducing each participant by singing their artistic bio.

Jonathan Michell is an Australian songwriter and multi instrumentalist known for his intricate, melodic and experimental pop music. He attended Monash University, completing a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in English Literature. In recent years he has been a key songwriter in the bands The Ancients and Mum Smokes, the latter touring Europe to play the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in the UK in 2007. He has released albums on the Chapter Music, Moteer (UK), Sensory Projects, Special Award and Night People (USA) labels.

Grand Final: Closing Concert » 
1 - 5pm, Saturday 3 October
with Abstract Mutation, Consultant, WyWy Brix, Nothingy, Waterfall Person, Wet Kiss & DJ Lisa Lerkenfeld

When beloved theorist Franco Bifo Berardi identifies a reactivation of the social body in protest movements like Occupy and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement he points to something that has been lost, something work and technology have largely taken away from us - the lost art of hanging out. After all, what would most of us replace capitalism and its relentless pressure to produce with other than the company of friends and family. For the last day of Work With Me Here you are invited to come and inhabit the space, get comfy, enjoy some wonderful company, listen to fine music and parictipate in a reawakening of the erotic body of the polis.