News » POSTED 03.09.2014

3D Print your file in The Future is Here Factory!

Image courtesy of Matthew Sleeth and Claire Oliver Gallery.

The Future is Here Factory is a live, working space with many active examples of the equipment used to makes the exhibition objects. RMIT students and technicians are on hand at times throughout the exhibition to explain how 3D printing, scanning and CNC milling actually work. The Design Hub invites you to email files for 3D printing in our Factory. Each week we will select a file (subject to material requirements and file quality) from those submitted and choose one for printing and public display. Please send files to in STL format. The prints will be made on a Makerbot Replicator 2 in PLA plastic, build volume is 285mm(W) X 153mm(D) X 155mm(H). 

Makerbot generously provided by Freedspace / Thinglab.