News » POSTED 13.07.2016


Open for bookings Friday 29 July – Friday 23 September
Tuesdays – Fridays, 11am – 6pm

Supershared is a shared loft-like space projecting out and into Design Hub’s Project Room 1 gallery space during upcoming exhibition Occupied. Supershared is open for RMIT students to book and occupy throughout the exhibition. The project speaks to the dexterity and responsiveness of the ‘shared economy’ and explores where the boundaries between private and public space are blurred.

Supershared is created by Jacqui Alexander and SIBLING Architecture and is accessible for occupation via several platforms, including Gumtree, Creative Spaces, Couchsurfing, word-of-mouth and by contacting us at How will the space be occupied?

Part of the Occupied public program.