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Super Field preview at MPavilion

Image: Philip Samartzis, Fieldwork at Gran Sasso - Abruzzo Italy, 2017. Photography: Daniela d’Arielli

Super Field preview »
Wed 29 November, 12 – 2pm
Queen Victoria Gardens


Join us at MPavilion for a special MMusic event featuring a selection of soundscape works from RMIT Design Hub and the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture’s forthcoming exhibition Super Field, a uniquely immersive exhibition of sound and vision that invites audiences to experience some of the world’s most remote locations. Across four programs, Super Field brings together 19 artists exploring a range of social, economic and environmental concerns affecting isolated regions and communities. This pre-opening event at MPavilion will feature sound works by artists who have collaborated with the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, a remote-regional cultural initiative situated in the foothills of Victoria’s Alpine National Park and established by Super Field curators Philip Samartzis and Madelynne Cornish.

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