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Subcarrier: An Exhibition of Emerging Sound Artists

Subcarrier is a graduation exhibition for the Bachelor of Art, Fine Art (Sound) students of RMIT. The artists exhibiting their works in Subcarrier are a diverse bunch of sound artists and musicians specialising in the possibilities of sound used for artistic purpose, from the subtle to the visceral, and utilised in the widest possible context. 

Compositions include specific works for the 4D Thruxim chair that explores the relationship between audio, vision and kinetic activation. There are sound and video installation works in both quadraphonic and 5.1 surround as well as installations that explore the elements of sound, sculpture and their spatial context.

The exhibiting artists are: Atticus Bastow, Jon Perring, Claudio Tocco, Courtney Blackney, Thom Sullivan, Ryan Lautenbacher, Dylan Barfield, Casey Hartnett, Nick Carson, Henry Madin, James Paul, Monty Ryan, Nathan Sawford, Dave Mathews.

In conjunction with the exhibition is the electronic release of the Subcarrier compilation album featuring a selection of tracks composed by the graduating sound students.

Subcarrier album is available here


Subcarrier: An Exhibition of Emerging Sound Artists 
Level 10 Design Hub

13-14 November
Opening Hours: 11am-9pm  

5pm  13 November
Performances start 6.30pm