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Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey by Geoff Robinson

SITE OVERLAY/ACOUSTIC SURVEY is a series of three on-site installations and performance events. The project uses sound mapping to generate relationships between different sites by sonically and spatially overlaying them.

The locations will be a mixture and combination of exterior, interior, public, private, built and natural environments. RMIT Design Hub is featuring one of the locations. 

Sculptural markers locating a selection of points where sounds were recorded in one site will be scaled and overlaid onto another, creating a chain and link of relationships between the 3 sites. The markers will consist of 3 metre posts individually colour coded to differentiate each point within the site.

Coinciding with the installations people are invited to perform within the site installation. Sounds will be generated from what already exists in the location (objects, surfaces) or by introducing sounds (voice, sound generating devices/playback recorders, instruments etc.) The field recordings of the previous installation site will be played back at the same time through amplified speakers. The combination of field recordings, performed sounds and the scaled markers will create a sonic and spatial relationship between sites.

The performers are Ernie Althoff, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Matthew Davis, Rosalind Hall, Dylan Martorell, Charlie Sofo, Tim Catlin, Aviva Endean and Helen Grogan. They are a mixture of sound artists, musicians and artists whose practices situate within performance and /or spatial practice. 

The Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey project is supported by Experimenta Media Arts and funded by the Arts Development Project Grants through Arts Victoria.

Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey Geoff Robinson
Design Hub 
Level 10 Rooftop
Friday 29 November

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