News » POSTED 13.04.2015

Public Program 1914 Now | Fashion & Performance

1914 Now: Four Perspectives on Fashion Curation and Fashion & Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media featured a public program of free events including opening and closing celebrations with Margret Wibmer's performance, 'time out' and Adele Varcoe's performance 'Adjust', 'The Body and Materiality' In Conversation: Anna-Nicole Ziesche, Margret Wibmer and Jessica Bugg, and On Demand's residency in Project Room 1, 'Further Reading'.


Opening Event Performance - Margret Wibmer, time out. Photography, Marc Morel.


Opening Event Performance - Adele Varcoe, Adjust. Photography: Marc Morel


On Demand (Laura Gardner and Audrey Thomas-Hayes) Present Further Reading. Photography: James Tunks.


Closing Event Performance - Margret Wibmer, time out. Photography: James Tunks