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Play in the Age of Computer Machinery | Playing Systems: people, play & computers

Public Lecture - Play in the Age of Computing Machinery
Play Matters author, Associate Professor Miguel Sicart, ITU, Copenhagen » 
Thursday 28 April, 4.30pm - 5.30pm 
Lecture Theatre, Level 3
Design Hub  

What makes computers a favourite material for the creation of playthings? By dissecting the material layers of computers as play engines, Miguel Sicart will explore the aesthetics, ethics and politics of playing (with) computers. This talk is an inquiry on the pleasures of submission to digital play, and the joys of resisting the playful, loving embrace of computing machines. 

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RMIT HDR Workshop 
Playing Systems: People, Play & Computers 
29 April 2016, 10.30am - 4.30pm
Pavilion 4, Level 10 
Design Hub

Why do we play with computers? Looking at the history of games and toys, we can match the evolution of computer technology with its application in playthings. There is something about computers that makes us want to play with them. In this master class we will inquire on the nature of play and computers, exploring the materiality of machines, the seductions of play, and how theory, design, and culture have been changed by playing systems.

This workshop is for RMIT HDR students only and limited to 12 places.

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Miguel Sicart is an Associate Professor at the IT University in Copenhagen. His research on games and playthings combines philosophy with design research. He is the author of The Ethics of Computer Games (The MIT Press, 2009), Beyond Choices: The Design of Ethical Gameplay (The MIT Press, 2013), and Play Matters (The MIT Press, 2014). 

Part of the Design & Play public program

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