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Occupied closing event - Atlanta Eke performance

Photography: Tobias Titz

Closing Event »
Saturday 24 September
RMIT Design Hub
Project Rooms 1 and 3, Levels 2 and 3
3.30 – 5pm

Final performance by dancer and choreographer Atlanta Eke

Celebratory drinks will be served prior to the performance in the Design Hub Forecourt, Level 2, Design Hub


ποταμοá¿–σι τοá¿–σιν αὐτοá¿–σιν ἐμβαίνουσιν, ἕτερα καὶ ἕτερα ὕδατα ἐπιρρεá¿–.

Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers.  

Heraclitus of Ephesus 


Wetware is a performance concerned with Time Travel. 

Architects from 2050 have traveled back in time, via the digital universe, to share a dystopian tale from a near future; a drowned world where land-based life has returned to the sea. 

A world where the triumph of western global domination has lead to advanced military robotics enabling artificial islands with oceanic navigation to produce new forms of concentration of economic, political and social power. 

In 2016 these architects occupy the bodies of dancers that work to resist the present modern tale devoted to dry solidarities of territorial land. They dance the body occupied by a microbiotic choreography, designed from earliest forms of oceanic life, performing a continuum of fluid transmissions between tissues, blood and bones.   

If the river is an image of time, then is the water that flows through their bodies an interface with time itself?