News » POSTED 23.06.2016

Occupied 2016 - Atlanta Eke

Photography: Tobias Titz

Exhibited rehearsals »
Saturday 30 July, 2 – 5pm
And then every Friday from
19 August – 16 September, 3 – 6pm
RMIT Design Hub
Project Room 3, Level 3

Performance »
Saturday 24 September
RMIT Design Hub
Project Room 2, Level 2
3.30 – 5pm
Choreography: Atlanta Eke
Dancers: Atlanta Eke, Annabelle Balharry and Chloe Chignell, Ellen Davies

Atlanta Eke is a dancer and choreographer working internationally. Her new work, Occupied 2016, imagines that architects from 2050 have travelled back in time via the digital universe and, lacking physical form, have been hosted in the bodies of four dancers. In search of alternative possibilities for the post-capitalist future, the architects share their part-utopian, part-dystopian tales of the 2050 to come.