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Nothing Remains Static : When Music and Fashion meet in Melbourne

Panel Discussion »
Thursday 23 February 
RMIT Design Hub
Project Room 1, Level 2 
6 – 8pm

Melbourne’s experimental music worlds of the early 1980s were networked into the scene surrounding the Fashion Design Council (FDC). The city’s post-punk Little Bands and the ‘academic’ avant-garde of the ORGAN FACTORY (Clifton Hill Community Music Centre) created a culture of collaboration, experimentation and rethinking standard modes of performance and presentation – qualities characterising FDC activities. Musicians and designers who crossed over through these scenes shared common tools for making work in a pre-internet age and a mutual desire to provoke and promote independent creativity. 

This abrasive attitude to commercial frameworks and the offer of speculative approaches continues today in the critical fashion practices in focus at Design Hub in High Risk Dressing / Critical Fashion. 

Speakers include: Lisa Dethridge (Chair), Adam Learner, Michael Trudgeon, Rob Wellington, Ash Wednesday, David Chesworth, Alan Bamford, Kate Buck, Joel Stern, Monica’s Gallery, Jared Davis, Wendy Joy Morrissey, Audrey Schmidt, Marie Hoy, Simon Burton, Kate Rhodes with others.