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Photography - Tobias Titz

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Friday 10 March 
RMIT Design Hub
Project Room 1, Level 2 
12 - 1pm

The anti-establishment spirit of the FDC that manifested in their graphic identity and language was in many ways influenced by alternative style magazines like i-D and The Face emerging in the 1980s from London and New York. Air freight copies of i-D were worshipped from windows of local stores and had a profound influence on a local creative community like Melbourne and the culture of the FDC.

Professor Robyn Healy discusses some of the key fashion magazines from this period during the early years of the FDC as their important role as contextual material in a pre-digital era. Read the famous 1987 issue of i-D, featuring the iconic Leigh Bowery cover, Robert Pearce’s Collections magazine, Michael Trudgeon and Jane Joyce’s CROWD, to early issues of The Face, as we unpack the fashion magazines of the period.