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Occupied: Never Discuss Politics at Home

Commencing Thursday 4 August
RMIT Design Hub
Project Room 2, Level 2
1 – 2pm

Many of us grew up in this kind of house, watching TV, reading similar magazines, enjoying books or bored by the newspaper … and everyone seemed to agree with Grandma: Never discuss politics at home, let alone at the table.

Invited guests come together over lunch to discuss the urban issues of our time: real estate speculation, affordable housing, gentrification, demolition, displacement, urban memory, community resistance, manifestations and protests, occupations of buildings and territories, contamination of urban natural resources.

TOMA's Leandro Cappetto is in residence at Design Hub every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon from 2-5pm. Join him in transforming the domestic arena into a forum for political dispute, or make yourself at home if Leo is out. You are invited to watch television, read a newspaper or make yourself a cup of tea and reflect upon the issues presented here.

Lunch themes:

Supermarket: A lunch against the housing market in neoliberal times
Thursday 4 August

Cupcakes & Cappuccinos: A lunch against cupcakes and cappuccinos in cities
Thursday 11 August

Real Estate Machinery: A lunch against privatisation of urban development
Thursday 18 August

Alternative Territories: A lunch about organised communities and alternative use of urban land
Thursday 25 August

To Infinity and Beyond: A lunch against the continuous growth of urban capital
Thursday 1 September

Peripheral Life: A lunch against the life far away from the city
Thursday 8 September

Slum Paradise: A lunch against an informal way of life
Thursday 15 September

Free Market Hangover: A lunch about what's next in the urban dispute
Thursday 22 September

Occupied, RMIT Design Hub 2016. Photography by Tobias Titz