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Maze-Lab: interactivity and experimental laboratory

Ernesto Rios’s twentieth exhibition, Maze-Lab, is on display on Level 8 at Design Hub between 10 October- 20 November 2014.

Rios was awarded the Siemens–RMIT Fine Art Scholarship Award 2009 for his interactive work Sand-Clock, and has just completed his PhD, which was recognised as the first interactive thesis in E-book format for electronic tablets.

Maze-Lab is made up of intentionally unfinished works to be activated and completed by the public, who ends up being, not only a spectator, but a co-author as well.  Maze-Lab contrasts medieval, renaissance and baroque labyrinthine designs with algorithmically-based geometry and optical illusions.  Suddenly the outside participant discovers that through search and logics he participates in finding possible mathematical solutions in an exercise that frees him for a while from everyday pressures and stress.

Ernesto Ríos, solo exhibition
10 October - 20 November 2014 
Level 8, RMIT Design Hub 

Opening 10 October, 3-6pm 

Dr. Ernesto Ríos Lanz