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Guest, Riggs | HASTY WORK_publication



The Hasty Work_publication by Guest, Riggs with invited guests is now avalible to view online.

Collected fragments from Guest, Riggs' Hasty Work episode: messy, interrupted, incomplete.

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Hasty Work
 featured in the exhibition WORKAROUND: Women, Design, Action.

WORKAROUND engaged with a movement of women focused on advocacy and activism within an expanded field of architecture. Each practitioner works towards positive change in the built environment and its surrounding cultures. WORKAROUND was an online broadcast and a program of live events. Across fourteen daily episodes, fourteen Australian practitioners each presented a critique, conversation, interview, workshop or performance that articulated their strategies and workarounds and reflected on their activist practice. 

WORKAROUND was held at RMIT Design Hub, 25 July – 11 August, 2018.


Image courtesy of Guest, Riggs