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DRI PhD Juice Bar

Collective intelligence, cultural capital, privacy, exhibitionism and loneliness in social media.  Is there enough of “my-self” to go around?

Despite the risk to personal privacy, young social media users expose their private lives and images to the networked public. Does this connect with the way society has more lonely and depressed members than we can manage?  Hangsub Choi discusses risks and opportunities around “trust” in cyberculture making observations about change in global society with a focus on Korea, Australia and France. Bring your mobile device.

Guest Speaker: Hangsub Choi, Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Kookmin University, Seoul, South Korea 

DRI PhD Juice Bar
The ‘Selfie’
Pavilion 1, Level 10, RMIT Design Hub
Tuesday 2 June 1pm