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DIAlogue PM : Wayshowing > Wayfinding : Good Designers show the way

Wayshowing is more than sign writing; it is a user-centred design discipline that takes its point of departure in knowledge about the strategies we all intuitively use when navigating in unknown territory. These strategies are unknown knowns. Most people don’t know that they know and use them. Professor Per Mollerup talks the talk and walks the walk.

This DIAlogue PM session will remind designers of all disciplines about the fundamental importance of wayshowing principles - where architecture, interior, graphic, digital and industrial design intersect in the built environment. This talk will explore communication theories, practical applications and the implications these have on the human experience.

DIAlogue PM : Wayshowing > Wayfinding : Good Designers showthe way. (VIC)
Design Hub Lecture Theatre, Level 3
Thursday 29 May, 6pm for a 6:30 start

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