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Each fortnight, over the two-year construction stage of the Design Hub, a small group of BA Photography students who were studying Documentary and Editorial Practice, donned their hard-hats, steel capped boots and ‘designer label’ fluorescent jackets and documented the construction of the iconic building. The 2000+ images that were produced over these 24 months varied in style and design ranging from pure documentary through to portraiture and the surreal.   The photographs have been divided into four different themes that appear on different floors of the Design Hub; ‘The Design’, ‘The Construction’, ‘The Constructors’ and ‘The Photographers’. 

Curators: Maria Stratford  (Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer of Documentary and Editorial Practice 2010 - 2014) 
Isabella Capezio (BA Photography Alumni and co-contributor to the exhibition) 

Design Hub Level 4-10
December 2013