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Closing Celebration | 1914 Now / Fashion & Performance

Margret Wibmer, 'time out', 2015. Photography by Marc Morel.

Join us for drinks and two events that respond to 1914 Now: Four Perspectives on Fashion Curation and Fashion & Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media.

Margret Wibmer: time out » 

Margret Wibmer’s performance time out, as the title of the work suggests, invites us to interrupt our daily routine and pause for a moment, but it also invites us to form our own reasons for taking time or making it. time out is an invitation to break form in public and before an audience. The intervention is uncomplicated: visitors are invited to wear a robe-like garment covering their clothes, and choose a place to lie down in the exhibition space for as long as they wish. The garment, designed and individually handcrafted by Wibmer, signifies a transition into another mode and works as a protective medium between the wearer, the space and any onlookers. 

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On Demand presents Further Reading » 

Further Reading is an intentionally unfinished, serial publication created by On Demand (Laura Gardner and Audrey Thomas-Hayes) in response to Fashion & Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media. We invite you to write or draw on copies of the publication in reaction to a selection of works featured in the exhibition. On Demand will use a selection of visitor responses to inform Further Reading, with the next edition available at Design Hub from Thursday 2 April.

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