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Call for Artists: Public Art Opportunities in Sydney

The City of Sydney has recently announced some fantastic opportunities for artists to transform the Sydney city centre and Green Square through public art. 

George Street spine and the East-West connecting streets.

Over the next ten years, Sydney’s city centre and George Street, its main artery, will be transformed through public art. The transformation of the city centre is one of the most significant public works projects to occur in Australia in generations. This   consists of two EOI opportunities open now: To re-shape the City Centre through a $2.5M permanent public artwork along George Street and to transform the public spaces of our city through a $1.7M legacy public artwork for the east-west connecting streets that cross George Street. 

Artist briefs and video

Submissions close 31 October 2013

Green Square Drying Green Park

Delivering on the Green Square Public Art Strategy, Expressions of Interest are now open for artists to work with public domain designers to integrate their ideas into one of the key parks in the Green Square town centre. The vision for Green Square is that of urban renewal: a vibrant, sustainable village in which to live and work, incorporating retail, food and entertainment and a public domain that supports cultural and community activities, including public art. By 2030, Green Square is projected to house about 40,000 residents and attract 22,000 workers.

Artists briefs

Submissions close 2 October 2013


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