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Bring your research to life at Design Hub Gallery

RMIT Design Hub Gallery is now accepting expressions of interest to be part of the Gallery’s 2021 exhibitions and programs. 

The program offers a diverse range of creative practitioners, design researchers and curators the opportunity to develop and present progressive ideas and research in a dynamic exhibition environment through collaboration with the Design Hub Gallery’s curators and creative team.  

Design Hub Gallery exists to ask questions about design’s role in the world today. Through exhibitions, conversations, performances and publications, the Gallery explores the process of design – making space to imagine, test and risk new ideas together. Founded within RMIT University, the Design Hub Gallery has its roots in the city and research in design. 

Successfully selected through the application process, Graham Crist and John Doyle (RMIT School of Architecture and Urban Design) curated the most recent exhibition at the Gallery in collaboration with Yoshiharu Tsukamoto of acclaimed Tokyo-based architecture studio Atelier Bow-Wow. Their exhibition Super Tight explored the culture of spatial tightness emerging in Asian cities and its creative potential. 

Featuring a series of custom-built installations, this immersive exhibition considered techniques for living closely, unpacking the delight and difficulty that arises from the dense occupation of large cities. Crist and Doyle commented on the importance of realising their research on “super tight” architecture in exhibition form:

 ‘“Super tight” was a set of ideas that needed two things to develop: First, to be spatialised, and prototyped at a 1:1 scale. Questions of scale and proximity are of central importance to the “super tight” concept, and best experienced in an exhibition environment.’

‘Second, to form a debate around the possibilities of the “super tight”. The exhibition became a site to examine the exhibition themes  by drawing others into the conversation as co-curators (refining the terms with Tsukamoto), a wide range of contributors, and a variety of participants in a series of discussions.’

‘Working in the team, which spanned from event hosting to construction, was very rewarding; creating the sense that the show was being ‘designed’ in many layers – from rigorous curatorial discussions to planning the various events; refining the video projections, to finessing the installation details at the last minute. It was a collaborative and well supported experience.’


Applications due: Monday 2 December 2019, 5.00pm AEST

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Image: Final presentation of the ‘Drawing Architecture: Lost in Melbourne’ intensive elective, courtesy of Design Hub Gallery Volunteer ‘Echo’ Wanqing Yue.