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Architecture Major Project Exhibition

The Major Project at RMIT University is an opportunity for students - future practitioners - to speculate through their projects and develop ideas that will serve as catalysts for sustained future investigations.

It is a time when students have all the voice – a laying bare of considered attitudes, pursued with rigour and depth.

Our hope is that the projects are ambitious, brave and contain propositions relevant to their time. Our hope is that students experiment - whatever form that might take - and engage with difficult questions, contributing not merely to what is well known, but what is yet to come. This ideas-led venturous design practice is what RMIT Architecture strives towards and the students are supported in this goal by a dedicated community of Major Project supervisors who provide their expertise, enthusiasm and deep concern for the students and their projects.

Architecture Major Project Exhibition 
RMIT Design Hub Project Room 1 and 2 Level 2 

Opening Night
15 November 2013  

13- 22 November 
Monday - Friday 1-5pm  

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