News ยป POSTED 01.02.2014

All at Once, All of the Time

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RMIT Design Hub announces the first in a series of exhibitions by invited emerging curators. The inaugural event – ALL AT ONCE, ALL OF THE TIME – tackles our obsession with cool and the consumption of style.

Ely Elsass, Nick Rebstadt, and Stacy Jewell – each from different art and design backgrounds – were selected by a panel of local and international designers and curators during the 2013 Design Hub Curators’ Workshop.
Their collaboration has resulted in ALL AT ONCE, ALL OF THE TIME, an exhibition informed by current research at the intersection of art, technology and visual identity.

In today’s globalized, highly-networked environment, driven by mass consumerism and hyper-communication, everything is offered all at once,
all of the time.

ALL AT ONCE, ALL OF THE TIME presents the work of twelve artists who each question the minimising gap between production and consumption and the intertwining of art, design and corporate imagery.


Project Room 3, Level 3                
17 - 21 March                
Opening night 7pm Wednesday 19 March