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2014 Affirmative Architecture Symposium, Brisbane


The 2014 Affirmative Architecture Symposium is being held in Brisbane between October 31 - November 1st.  Speakers include Barcelona architects Flores and Prats and California-based Rael San Fratello. Visit the Affirmative Architecture website for more details. 

Diego Ramirez-Lovering- Monash Architecture Studio
iredale pedersen hook
Erik L’Heureux,  Pencil Architecture, Singapore
Pendal and Neille
Cox Rayner
Flores and Prats, Barcelona
Neeson Murcutt
M3 Architecture
Owen and Vokes and Peters
Charles Wright
Virginia San Fratello, Rael San Fratello, California
Kevin Low, Small Projects, KL
Richards and Spence
Sandra Ka ji-O’Grady - University of Queensland
Chris Knapp - Bond University
Martyn Hook - RMIT University

Affimative Architecture- Architecture doing good 
TRI Auditorium, University of Queensland, Brisbane
31 October –1 November 2014
$50/day students

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