Super Field
08.12.2017 – 17.02.2018

Experience some of the world’s remote locations in a uniquely immersive exhibition of sound and vision. Across four programs, Super Field brought together 19 artists exploring a range of social, economic and environmental concerns affecting isolated regions and communities.

The artists in Super Field engaged in deep field research. They created site-responsive works generated from a prolonged engagement with environments and communities.

Investigating these issues, Super Field comprised four programs that changed throughout the exhibition, inviting you to visit different geographic regions each time:

1) High Country: The Australian Alps (8 - 22 December 2017)
2) A Surrender to Nature: The Kimberley (16 - 20 January 2018)
3) Glacial Erratic: Antarctica and the Arctic (23 January - 3 February 2018)
4) Unheard Spaces: International wilderness areas (6 - 17 February 2018)

Curated by sound artist Philip Samartzis and audiovisual artist Madelynne Cornish on behalf of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture, the exhibition was divided into two distinct zones of sound and vision. Experience a sonic field created by 60 loud speakers and traverse a landscape of immersive video.

Super Field featured an exhibition environment designed by architects and 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale creative directors Baracco+Wright. The exhibition design was commissioned by RMIT Design Hub Gallery as part of its remit to promote cross-disciplinary exchange and instigate new collaborative relationships that visualise design research.

Super Field features the work of artists Natasha Barrett (UK), Benoit Bories (FR), Matthew Berka (AU), David Burrows (AU), Anne Colomes (FR), Madelynne Cornish (AU), Yannick Dauby (FR/TW), Lawrence English (AU), Hughes Germain (FR), Martin Kay (AU), Slavek Kwi (IE), Jay-Dea Lopez (AU), Douglas Quin (US), Matthew Quomi (AU), Philip Samartzis (AU), Polly Stanton (AU), Michael Vorfeld (DE), Chris Watson (UK) and Jana Winderen (NO).

Supported by RMIT University, the Institut Français, the Municipality of Toulouse, and the Alliance Française in Australia.

Super Field had been conceived by the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture in collaboration with RMIT Design Hub Gallery.

Bogong Centre for Sound Culture: Madelynne Cornish and Philip Samartzis
Exhibition design: Baracco + Wright Architects
Graphic design: Public Office

RMIT Design Hub Gallery team: Kate Rhodes, Fleur Watson, Nella Themelios, Erik North, Tim McLeod, Simon Maisch, Layla Cluer, Chloë Powell

Super Field installation view, images courtesy of Tobias Titz