Exhibition » 08.12.2017 - 17.02.2018

Super Field

Super Field
is an immersive exhibition of sound and vision exploring the concept of remoteness. Super Field looks at the complex range of social, economic and environmental issues affecting isolated communities. The exhibition features Australian and international artists and organisations that facilitate access to remote regions through cultural initiatives and exchange.

Super Field
 is divided into four themes:  I. High Country: The Australian Alps; II. The Topography of Dreams: The Kimberley;   III.  Glacial Erratic: Antarctica and the Arctic and IV. Unheard Spaces: International Wilderness Areas

The exhibition gathers longitudinal research projects and the work of practitioners who have dedicated time to travel and relationships with people and places. These creative and social practices bring, often spectacular, remote environments and their communities to our attention so that we might understand something of the concerns and cultures there.

Design Hub’s two exhibition spaces will focus Super Field into two distinct zones: sound and vision. One space will immerse visitors in a sonic field created by 100 loud speakers; while the other is silent but visually rich with still and moving images. The four themes will unfurl sequentially over the course of the exhibition, journeying visitors into the four distinct and remote environments that change every two weeks to reflect a new territory.

Featured artists include Natasha Barrett, Benoit Bories, Matthew Berka, David Burrows, Madelynne Cornish, Yannick Dauby, Lawrence English, Hughes Germain, Martin Kay, Slavek Kwi, Jay-Dea Lopez, Douglas Quin, Matthew Quomi, Philip Samartzis, Polly Stanton, Michael Vorfeld, Chris Watson, and Jana Winderen.

Supported by RMIT University, the French Institute, the municipality of Toulouse, and the French Alliance in Australia.

Curated by Madelynne Cornish and Phillip Samartzis on behalf of the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture

Exhibition design: Baracco+Wright

Graphic design: Public Office

RMIT Design Hub team
Curators: Kate Rhodes, Fleur Watson
Creative Producer: Nella Themelios
Technical Production Coordinator: Erik North
Technical Assistant: Timothy McLeod
Exhibition Assistants: Chloë Powell, Layla Cluer

Image: Madelynne Cornish, 2011, Turkey Creek [Great Northern Hwy] – The Kimberly