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SMUDGE is a collaboration between Phillip Adams BalletLab and Brook Andrew, in partnership with RMIT Design Hub. Phillip Adams and Brook Andrew have embarked upon a radical collaboration through which they surrender their usual artistic expression to swap cultural identities and artistic responsibilities. In SMUDGE, the choreographer became the artist, and the artist the choreographer. Via a set of rigorous rules, an exploration of the known trajectory of Adams and Andrew is smudged and erased, to allow for new creative and cultural possibilities. Through this risk taking, SMUDGE engaged with themes of the charlatan/ innovator/intruder/assassinator.

As a creative partnership between artists and creative institutions, it explores the relationships between research, experimentation and cultural values. RMIT Design Hub offered an alternative, experimental exhibition and research space for the beginning of SMUDGE and its development phase.

The project included four performers; Anna Kuroda, Gregory Lorenzutti, Anna Seymour and Lilian Steiner, who were directed by Andrew in a set created by Adams. Adams and Andrew activated SMUDGE by taking turns in placing objects into the creative and performative space. The body of objects included films, installations, dance, costume and architecture. Unapologetically, the artists were both populating and concealing their ideas of borrowed, forgotten and new histories.

Visitors are invited to observe this project in progress in Pavilion 1, Level 10 at RMIT Design Hub, Monday - Friday, 11am - 4pm, 18 - 29 May, 2015.

SMUDGE, RMIT Design Hub, 2015. Image courtesy of Tobias Titz

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Concept/Design: Phillip Adams
Concept/Choreography: Brook Andrew
Performers: Anna Kuroda, Gregory Lorenzutti, Anna Seymour, Lilian Steiner

The development phase of Phillip Adams BalletLab’s SMUDGE at RMIT Design Hub is supported by Besen Family Foundation and City of Melbourne.

Brook Andrew is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris and Brussels. 

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