Exhibition » 29.01.2019 - 04.05.2019

Lisa Walker: She wants to go to her bedroom but she can't be bothered

She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered is a retrospective of the practice of New Zealand jeweller Lisa Walker. Lisa’s vast body of work is a career-length conversation with the question: what is jewellery? So much of what we want to say about the medium and the discipline of jewellery can be found in her work: it is simultaneously wearable and unwearable, precious and non-precious, skilfully and not skilfully made; it is in dialogue with jewellery’s past as well as current social and political issues and, sometimes, it is meaningless. Lisa’s jewellery is controversial in many of the moves it makes but now, nearly 30 years after she began creating work, her radical gestures are the establishment. The exhibition tracks how Lisa continues to query the tools, methods and materials for making jewellery, and how her work appropriates and transforms its influences. Lisa’s research practice - circling around the history, future and limits of jewellery – takes us into the realm of extremes with the aim of making jewellery, and our encounter of it, more alive.

She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered is accompanied by All the Jewellery, an exhibition that exists in a relationship with Lisa Walker’s retrospective. This exhibition of free workshops tackles key questions about contemporary jewellery. It brings together a community of jewellers and people who make jewellery, gallerists and collectors and those in the professions that support jewellery-making into a weekly conversation.

She wants to go to her bedroom but she can’t be bothered will be accompanied by a significant publication designed by Ziga Testen.

Exhibition design: Lisa Walker

Graphic design: Ziga Testen

RMIT Design Hub: Kate Rhodes, Nella Themelios, Erik North, Timothy McLeod, Layla Cluer, Michaela Bear, Ari Sharp, Simon Maisch, Gavin Bell, Jessica Woods

Lisa Walker is represented by Gallery Funaki.

These exhibitions are part of the 2019 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne Art Book Fair organised by the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne Design Week 2019 organised by the National Gallery of Victoria in collaboration with Creative Victoria.

Image courtesy of Lisa Walker