Exhibition » 14.06.2018 - 16.06.2018


Model prototypes, RMIT Landscape Architecture Exhibition, 2017

RMIT Landscape Architecture values building a cultural framework for students that promotes advocacy, commentary and action.

Through research and teaching, students are encouraged to explore the impact of diverse design ideas that deliver real change to the environment and society. The school provides vertically integrated, practice-led Design studios, which allow students to engage directly with issues impacting the community.

The Landscape Architecture exhibition celebrated work across two programs:

Masters of Landscape Architecture»
Design Research Project
Level 2, Project Room 1 
Project A (centre tables) and Project B (perimeter walls)

LA Design Research Project A and B involve exploring and developing of a self-directed design research project over the course of a year.

In LA Design Research Project A, students develop a design research project proposal. LA Design Research Project B extends from and builds on this proposal through the development and formal refinement of a project at a range of scales. Each project aims to articulate, position and develop a design approach that prepares students for entry into the profession.


Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design & Master of Landscape Architecture»
Design Studios
Level 3 & Level 2, Project Room 1 (Freestanding)

Bachelor Studios
Design Studios at the Bachelor level expose students to a theoretical and practical body of knowledge in landscape and design. This program fosters their understanding of design processes that engage with contemporary issues in the built and natural environment. Design studios provide strong engagement with industry and offer the opportunity to develop design proposals within a scenario-based, simulated design practice environment. Students explore specific techniques for design generation, modes of drawing and making, and relevant communication techniques to position their work in relation to the studio theme and broader design practice. Each semester, students can select from a range of studio offerings, allowing them to tailor their personal and professional development as a designer.

Master Studios
Design Studios operate as laboratories conducive to experimentation, investigation, and the exploration of design as an agent for understanding and responding to issues in the built environment of contemporary society. A diverse range of studios offered each semester celebrate and extend the multi-faceted capabilities of the Landscape Architecture Discipline to engage with these issues. Each studio is framed through a specific design approach and an inquiry into a specific field of design knowledge. The studios simultaneously support the development of each student’s perspective and expertise.


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10am – 5pm, Friday 15 June
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