Exhibition » 18.10.2017 - 22.10.2017

Practice Research Symposium

Kate Church, June 2017. Photography: courtesy of RMIT, School of Architecture & Design

The Practice Research Symposium (PRS) is a twice-yearly gathering of research candidates enrolled at RMIT in disciplines associated with Architecture and Design. The PRS’ prime purpose is to be the tangible focus of a learning community - its home, so to speak. As we all know, people learn more from each other than they do from abstract structures, and the PRS is first and foremost a gathering of peers.

The PRS is run in June and October each year.

Examinations were open to the public and ran from Wednesday 18 October - Friday 20 October 2017.
+ Examination timetable


Exhibition open:
4.30 - 7pm, Friday 20 October
12 - 5pm, Saturday 21 October
12.30 - 1.30pm, Sunday 22 October


PRS launch and exhibits opening with Jumpsuit Girl and friends
Friday 20 October
Registration from 4.30pm
Opening of exhibits 5 - 7pm
Project Room 1, Level 2

For the entire duration of her PhD Adele Varcoe wore nothing but a jumpsuit. It was a means to provoke interaction, questioning and curiosity from you, and a series of auto-ethnographic insights for the research. These interactions were further unpacked, interrogated and felt through a series of event-based projects that introduced garments and actions into existing situations to observe how they affected social interaction. Since completing her PhD Adele’s revisited each chapter of her dissertation and rewritten each part as a song.


Supervisors and Candidates Forum
The contribution of creative practice research?
3.30 - 4.20pm, Saturday 21 October
Foyer, Level 1 

This panel discussion would explore different approaches to meet the core value that defined Doctoral research: making a contribution to knowledge.

How are different orientations toward creative practice research making a contribution to knowledge? How are practices between supervisors, candidates and streams of practice research activity making this contribution accessible and of value to others?

Mick Douglas 
Nigel Bertram
Martyn Hook
Veronika Kelly
Stephen Loo 
Lawrence Wallen
SueAnne Ware  
Margaret Woodward  


Candidate presentations
10am - 6pm, Saturday 21 October, various venues across Design Hub 
Followed by a cocktail party (RSVP only) 6.30 - 8.30pm, Long Room, Level 10 
9.30am - 3.30pm, Sunday 22 October, various venues across Design Hub 
Followed by drinks 3.30  - 4.30pm, Long Room, Level 10 

View further details and updates about the PRS weekend at practice-research.com