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Practice Research Symposium

The Practice Research Symposium (PRS) is a twice-yearly gathering of research candidates enrolled at RMIT in disciplines associated with Architecture and Design. The PRS’ prime purpose is to be the tangible focus of a learning community - its home, so to speak. As we all know, people learn more from each other than they do from abstract structures, and the PRS is first and foremost a gathering of peers.

The PRS is run in June and October each year.

Examinations are open to the public and run from Wednesday 31 May - Friday 2 June.
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Exhibition open:
4.30 - 5.30pm, Friday 2 June
Including PRS Registration and welcome drinks
12 - 5pm, Saturday 3 June
12.30 - 1.30pm, Sunday 4 June

Welcome to Country, PRS Launch and Keynote Symposium:
 Situating Creative Practice Research
Friday 2 June, 5.30 - 7.00pm
Lecture Theatre, Level 3

This panel presentation and discussion explored a range of experiences in situating practice based higher degrees in different cultural, disciplinary and organisational contexts. The catalyst for the discussion was the recent publication Practice Based Design Research edited by Laurene Vaughan and published by Bloomsbury Academic. This edited collection endeavoured to bring together a global perspective on practice based design research degrees from a diverse range of perspectives and experiences. The panel keynote Situating Creative Practice Research extends the ambitions of the publication through a peer conversation across the design, architecture and creative arts.


Laurene Vaughan (RMIT)

Jo Russell-Clarke (University of Adelaide), Cameron Tonkinwise (University of New South Wales), Ross Gibson (University of Canberra)

dusting [two days] 2017
, James Carey
Saturday 3 – Sunday 4 June
Long Room, Level 10

dusting [two days] 2017 
is a process-based work that seeked to develop a taxonomy of dust from the Design Hub in the context of 2017, and when assembled, is a collection of materialised and spatialised time.

Boyd & Research: a panel discussion

Saturday 3 June
12.55 – 1.50pm
Foyer, Level 1

Robin Boyd was one of Australia’s pre-eminent and most influential architects, at the forefront of the International Modern movement in Australia. Not only was Boyd renowned for his architecture, he was also a prominent social commentator, design researcher and educator. This panel discussion explored the resonance of Boyd’s influence on Australian contemporary architectural practice, the design research implicit to his wide reaching practice, and launch the 2017 Routledge publication Robin Boyd: Spatial Continuity, by Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright.

Megan Patty (National Gallery of Victoria)

Mauro Baracco (Baracco + Wright), Louise Wright (Baracco + Wright), Kerstin Thompson (Kerstin Thompson Architects), Monique Woodward (WOWOWA) 

Research Strategies and Supervision Practices forum:
transformational shifts in research and supervision

Saturday 3 June
12.55 – 1.50pm
Project Room 1, Level 2

How are transformations in creative practice research emerging through particular research strategies and practices between supervisors and candidates?


Mick Douglas (RMIT)

RMIT A+D supervisors and graduated PhD candidates:
Suzie Attiwill & James Carey
Sand Helsel & Rachel Hurst
Soumitri Varadarajan and Georgia McCorkill

Urs Bette (University of Adelaide)
Peter Downton (RMIT)
Julieanna Preston (Massey University)
Janine Randerson (AUT)

Candidate presentations:

9am - 6pm, Saturday 3 June, various venues across Design Hub
Followed by drinks 6 - 6.30pm in the Level 10 Long Room
9.30am - 3.30pm, Sunday 4 June, various venues across Design Hub
Followed by drinks 3.30 - 4.30pm in the Level 10 Long Room