Exhibition » 29.07.2016 - 24.09.2016


This is the era of the metropolis.

By 2050, it is estimated that 70% of the world’s population will be urban with Australia’s major cities expected to nearly double in size. We don’t yet know where or how this growing population will be housed, as most of the buildings that will make up these cities have already been built. Furthermore, the city is occupied not just by buildings but also by the political and economical structures that dictate the use of those buildings, and which, at present, hinder sufficient and equitable access to housing.

It’s clear that the transformative ideas of our time will not be sweeping and grandiose visions. Unlike the great architects of the 20th Century – who wishfully imagined the city as a tabula rasa or accepted exile on the urban fringe – today’s creative thinkers must find space for an ever-growing populace within a finite and decaying urban fabric. The ideas that thrive in this context were small-scale, contingent and combinatory, operating at the margins or the in-between, within bureaucratic grey-zones or emerging economies.

Occupying the dramatic spaces of the Design Hub, this exhibition brought together local and international practitioners and showcased proposals for housing more with less, retrofitting, adapting and repurposing existing structures and environments.  Ranging from the pragmatic to the utopian, the research-driven to the purely speculative, Occupied anticipated the critical design approaches, ideas and strategies of the imminent future.

Occupied also included Supershared – a shared loft-like space projecting out and into Design Hub’s Project Room 1 gallery space. Supershared was open for students to book and occupy throughout the duration of the exhibition. The project speaks to the dexterity and responsiveness of the ‘shared economy’ and explores where the boundaries between private and public space are blurred.

Supershared bookings are now open on GumtreeCreative SpacesCouchsurfing, word-of-mouth or by contacting us at hello.designhub@rmit.edu.au

Occupied exhibitors: 5th Studio, all(zone),  Jacqui Alexander and SIBLING Architecture, Baracco + Wright Architects, Peter Bennetts, BKK Architects, Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design, Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Robert Owen, Sense Architecture and M.A.P, The Blink Fish (Gi­acomo Boeri and Matteo Grimaldi) with Stefano Boeri, Breathe Architecture, Atlanta Eke, Fake Industries Architectural Agonism and MAIO, Flores & Prats Architects, Andrés Jaque Architects / Office for Political Innovation, Ash Keating, Lacaton & Vassal and Frédéric Druot Architecture, Lyons Architecture, NMBW Architecture Studio, MvS Architects, Maddison Architects, Harrison and White, MAPA (Moline Axelsen: Public Art / Participatory Architecture), Callum Morton and Toby Reed, Otherothers, Jack Self, Spacemarket, TOMA, Vokes and Peters, Liam Young.

Occupied was curated by Grace Mortlock, David Neustein, Fleur Watson

Exhibition design by Otherothers

Graphic design by Sean Hogan, Trampoline

Program partnered with Open House Melbourne

Supported by Boom Studios

RMIT Design Hub team
Curators: Kate Rhodes, Fleur Watson
Creative Producer: Nella Themelios
Technical Production Coordinator: Erik North
Technical Assistants: Timothy McLeod, Robert Jordan, Sam Fagan, Gavin Bell
Exhibition Assistants: Kate Riggs, Chloë Powell

Occupied opening night, images courtesy of Tobias Titz

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