Exhibition » 27.06.2017 - 30.06.2017

Masters of Architecture Major Project Exhibition

Alexander Hunt, “Recreation Zone - Coming Soon” Antonia Bruns Memorial Medal Winning Project Semester 2, 2016

RMIT Architecture & Urban Design is interested in ideas-led, venturous, design experimentation and exploration that aspires to contribute to the future of the discipline and an increasingly complex world. To be venturous is to be brave and take risks. We are interested in experimentation and innovation but also ultimately the attempt at the realisation or buildability of that experimentation, its deep ties to the world around us and its contribution to contemporary questions and concerns. The school is primarily focused on design with an international reputation for design excellence. We focus on research through design practice which is at the centre of our activities, which is celebrated at all levels of the programs at the end of semester exhibitions.

The semester one architecture exhibition celebrates work across two programs:

Masters of Architecture»
Major Project exhibition

Level 2, Project Room 1

The RMIT Master of Architecture degree culminates in a final semester design project through which students are able to reflect upon, consolidate and extend the knowledge they have gained in the program. Students set their own design research questions and parameters in consultation with an individual supervisor, opening up future practice and research trajectories.

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Exhibition open: 
10am - 5pm, Tuesday 27 - Friday 30 June


Bachelor of Architectural Design»

 First Year Foundation Design Studio
Level 2, Project Room 2

The first year design studio program is defined by a curated experience through three design streams: Atlas, Codex and Algorist. Each student has had the opportunity to cycle through all three design studio streams over the course of the semester.

Exhibition open: 
10am - 5pm, Tuesday 27 - Friday 30 June

Lower Pool and Upper Pool Studio

Level 7, Long Room & Warehouse

The design project is the core activity of each student’s study, and the activity which best simulates architectural practice. Through design, students are expected to demonstrate the application of the skills and knowledge acquired in through different aspects of architect, expressed through a design proposition.  The bachelor and masters design studios are vertically integrated, with students mixed across year levels.  Students select from curated offering of ideas focused studios that are led by outstanding industry practitioners and academic practitioners.

Opening celebrations in Project Rooms 1 & 2, Level 2, Friday 23 June, 6-9pm!