De Anima – Brook Andrew
12.12.2014 – 14.02.2015

This exhibition was an outcome of an experimental process between Brook Andrew and RMIT Design Hub Gallery to develop a new body of work – Horizon I, II, III and IV – specifically for the Design Hub Gallery. The two-channel version of the video De Anima, originally produced for The Cinemas Project, included a new third video channel. The experience is one of a merging of fiction and truth, challenging and blurring the space between sculpture, video and performance. This exhibition also included live performances by Justin Shoulder and Mama Alto who appear in the De Anima video.

Andrew is a conjurer of processes and has spent his career researching, collaborating and divining architecture, photography and museological archives to create immersive experiences.

Horizon I, II and III was an installation of found films and a ‘living archive’ that appeared in a state of transition: set-like and yet ready for activation. The exhibition also included Horizon IV, a collaboration with RMIT’s School of Fashion and Textiles to produce a set of veils that could be worn by exhibition visitors.

De Anima embodied the concept of reflective design research – of revealing the social and cultural experiences that influence one’s practice. Like many of the designers who research from and exhibit within Design Hub Gallery, Andrew’s creative practice is transformed and characterised by its ongoing self-reflection.

Please be advised that the exhibition De Anima by Brook Andrew contains fiction, fact, drama, nudity, sex, happiness, acts of extreme violence and tragedy (both human and animal), propaganda, confusion and images of deceased persons from Australia and beyond. Please ensure children are supervised at all times.

RMIT Design Hub Gallery Curators: Kate Rhodes, Fleur Watson

The Cinemas Project Curator: Bridget Crone

Part of Experimenta Recharge: 6th International Biennial of Media Art

A NETS Victoria exhibition curated by Bridget Crone for The Cinemas Project

CATALYST: Katherine Hannay Visual Arts Commission

Brook Andrew is represented by Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, and Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris/Brussels

Images courtesy of Tobias Titz