Exhibition » 28.07.2017 - 23.09.2017

David Thomas: Colouring Impermanence

David Thomas: Colouring Impermanence highlights the value of painting in generating careful, reflective observation and in the negotiation of meaning and experience in the world. The exhibition investigates time, colour, the composite and duration whilst creating discursive spaces and activities that interrogate / contemplate the nature of change through the construction of visual and conceptual manifestations of the temporal and the impermanent.  

Colouring Impermanence addresses issues of complexity and simplicity, spectacle and intimacy, something and nothing, knowledge and experience, value and touch. The exhibition is conceived as a composite survey of ideas, provocations, processes and sensations rather than as a traditional chronology of artifacts.

The exhibition explores Thomas’ significant contribution to art practice and the academy through the inclusion of writings, collaborative projects and works by significant peers including the international collective Concrete Post.

Additionally, a series of interactive 'readers' link key ideas throughout the gallery spaces and invite visitors to compose a personalised journey to reveal 'new ways of looking' at Thomas' extensive body of work, our relationship to it and, upon reflection, the world around us.


Curated by Fleur Watson

Exhibition and graphic design by Stuart Geddes