All at Once, All of the Time
17.03.2014 – 22.03.2014

A result of the curatorial intensive held at RMIT Design Hub Gallery, the exhibition All at Once, All of the Time was a group exhibition informed by current research at the intersection of art, technology and visual identity.

In an immaterial, post-internet, global hyper-networked environment that is driven by mass consumerism, consumption and communication, everything is offered all at once, in flux and relative to everything, all of the time. Art and corporate imagery intertwine, consumer bio-brands, commodity interface have all become second nature to us. This new tendency addresses today’s overlapping relation between the individual body, identity and collective ideology.

All at Once, All of the Time presented artworks that allowed users to see themselves in the digital world. The artists explored the iconography of identity in relation to new media. They commented on the minimising gap between production and consumption, highlighting defaced iconographies and debunked consumer communities. These works questioned whether the minimising power of the Internet have opened up a virtual utopian space or an ungoverned archive.

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