Design Research

Design Research Institute

Dermoid is a cutting-edge, large-scale architectural installation produced in collaboration with SIAL RMIT, CITA, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen and RMIT Fashion and Textiles.

The Design Research Institute fosters new knowledge and innovative practice, products and environments through transdisciplinary design research. The RMIT Design Research Institute develops and funds a new transdisciplinary approach to design research in a terrain at the intersection of education, research and industry. It aims to: build a transdisciplinary design research capability and a community; undertake transdisciplinary research and produce knowledge, products and services and become internationally renowned for transdisciplinary research and expertise.

Institute researchers partner locally and globally with education institutions, governments, industries, practices and the community.

The Institute’s inaugural Director is Australia Federation Fellow, Professor Mark Burry.

The Design Research Institute focused on six main research programs: customising space; digital design and manufacture; intervention through art; geoplaced knowledges; urban liveability and design challenge.

The Design Research Institute ceased operation at the end of 2015, ending an era of successful collaboration under a more traditional discipline based research framework. Research Institutes have been replaced by Enabling Capability Platforms in eight focus areas. 


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