RMIT Design Hub Gallery is now calling for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the 2020 annual Exhibitions Program.

This EOI is part of a two stage process. At this time we are looking for concepts for ongoing collaborative development. All applications received will be initially disussed by the Design Hub Program Advisory Network. 

Before completing the application form please discuss your proposal with the RMIT Design Hub Gallery curators. 

Applications are due by Monday 10 December 2018, 5.00pm AEST

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RMIT Design Hub accepts proposals from all those engaged in creative practice-based research, including:

  • The RMIT design community including staff, design researchers / students, alumni
  • The wider design community in Australia and internationally



Please complete the online Expression of Interest form here, which involves:

  • An outline of your exhibition concept (up to 200 words)
    Consider the following questions:

What issues/ideas/research questions are you exploring in the exhibition?
Why do you want to exhibit at RMIT Design Hub and how will our remit to exhibit design research be a useful/important context for the exhibition? 
Who is the in intended audience for the exhibition

  • A description of the exhibition design and/or how the project will be displayed (up to 150 words)
    Consider the following questions:

What will be included in your exhibition?
What will your exhibition look like physically?
If you would like to supply a scaled drawing of your proposed project in situ, floor plans and specifications of the available spaces can be downloaded from our website here

  • A (maximum) half page CV or bio for each participant in the exhibition
  • Support material

Please submit up to 10 captioned images (incl. diagrams & sketches), and no more than 5 minutes of video or audio relevant to your proposal

  • Your preferred dates (please keep in mind that Design Hub is open Tuesday Friday 10 – 5pm and Saturdays 12 – 5pm)
  • A brief budget 

List income and expenditure and any external funding that you might bring to the project 



This EOI is part of a two stage process. At this time we are looking for concepts for ongoing collaborative development. All applications received will be initally disussed by the Design Hub Program Advisory Network (DHPAN).

The DHPAN comprises a mix of RMIT design leaders and industry professionals including: Design Hub Curators, Design Hub Creative Producer, a representative from the School of Architecture and Urban Design, the School of Design, the School of Media and Communication, the School of Art, the School of Fashion and Textiles, the Research and Innovation Portfolio, RMIT Design Archives, RMIT Gallery and invited external members (national and international). 

Applicants selected for ongoing development will be notified eight (8) weeks after the annual DHPAN meeting is concluded in January 2019. 

Selection Criteria:  
Applications that best demonstrate the following criteria will be considered for the Design Hub annual program:

  • How the design research project will be translated into an exhibition
  • Why Design Hub is an important context for the exhibition, and why an exhibition is an important context for the research
  • Demonstrated relevance and capacity for the project to stimulate critical debate and engage audiences
  • Viability (time and financial) and evidence of good planning
  • Diversity of participants involved in the exhibition (disciplines, cultural background, gender, etc)


All exhibition proposals accepted into the program undergo a process of development with the Design Hub curatorial team. Design Hub offers significant support across all phases of exhibition planning and execution, including curatorial development, creative production, technical and installation support and marketing assistance. All Design Hub exhibitions are accompanied by a publication and a suite of public programs.



Please discuss your project with the Design Hub Curators, Kate Rhodes and Nella Themelios  before submitting an application. We also highly recommend that you visit Design Hub before submitting a proposal and / or review past exhibitions via the archive on our website.  

Kate Rhodes 
Design Hub Curator 
Ph: 03 9925 2041 (Mon-Wed)

Nella Themelios 
Design Hub Curator 
Ph: 03 9925 0447 (Mon-Fri)

Image: Project Room 1, RMIT Design Hub, RMIT University 
Photography: Earl Carter